Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Small shoes stress

So recently I have been looking at shoes online. Being a UK size 1 shoe , It's always a constant struggle to find appropriate, well fitting, some what fashionable footwear - Unless I wish to opt for the Disney princess trainers complete with velcro straps and the flashing lights function when i walk. - No thanks.
Over the years my mum (who is also size 1 shoe) and I,
have exhausted the internet frantically searching for fashionable footwear in small sizes for all occasions. I know we are not the only women with small size feet and having experienced how frustrating it can actually be, I have decided to share all our teeny, tiny, shoe supplier secrets! 


UK SIZE 12 - UK 2.5

Well made small shoes at really affordable prices. Fantastic service, quick delivery and various styles including wedges, sandals and boots.


UK SIZE 13 - 3

Very high fashion shoes - at kind of high prices (They usually have some kind of sale on). They even stock a small range of designer shoes.  They now have a shop in London as well as a website. Good service, shoes can take a while to be delivered if they are not in stock and need to be ordered but lots of choice. 


UK SIZE 13-2

LOVE MY RED SHOES!! I purchased these for just £20 in the little shoe shop sale. They have a shop in London and also a website. A really nice couple run the shop and they order most of their shoes from Italy and Spain so they are really well made. Some of the shoes do look a bit dated as they cater for a 'more mature' audience shall we say, however they still stock a lot of fashionable heels and boots and also have a section for wide feet and driving shoes.



A European size 34 is a UK size 2 on this website. I found out about Charles and Keith while I was in Singapore. They cater for a lot of Asian women who tend to have small feet. The shoes are well made and reasonably priced for a designer.



One of my fave websites online for petite clothes and shoes. The shoes start at a size 2 but i usually just add an insert to them. They are really reasonably priced, the same price as average shoes on the high street. Lots of choice including gladiator sandals, strappy heels and wedges. 


UK SIZE 13.5 - 3

A good range of summer shoes and sandals as well as flats and boots. 


UK SIZE 13-3

Ego shoes gives you an option to select your size in UK/US or European. Speedy delivery and good communication with the seller. 

Other websites that stock small shoes that I have no had experience with are as follows -

I hope you find this helpful in your search for small shoes and please if you know of any other shops/websites I have missed out then include them in the comments below and help out all the other  little women who I'm sure are equally frustrated! 



Monday, 7 July 2014


I wanted my first ever blog to be original, entertaining and some what interesting - and then the realisation hit me. . .

I am a 4 foot 4 inches tall, twenty seven year old Welsh girl, who has carved a career by playing various creatures (not to mention portraying a 71 year old man - beard and all, see below),

 And I'm preparing to embark on the journey of becoming an American citizen - in the place that apparently makes you or breaks you. Yeah . . . .

So with that in mind I hope you enjoy my honest perspectives and opinions of the new and exciting experiences  I am no doubt about to embrace, when a short British girl attempts to make the transition into living the so called 'American Dream'.

It's about to get a lot more interesting!

Jo x