Thursday, 14 August 2014

One way ticket to Aukland???

NEWS JUST IN - LAX has officially accepted the residence of a short blonde British girl.

The above statement was not without its complications. 

After bidding my final farewells to my friends and family, I arrived at London Heathrow yesterday afternoon having shared a three hour car ride from Cardiff with my very own personal chauffeur (Thanks @eddosmond).

This was my first time flying to LA on not only a one way ticket but also with Air New Zealand -having managed to purchase a very cheap direct ticket in the peek of Summer.  
After printing my boarding card I headed straight for the baggage check in desks. I was slightly concerned my luggage would be overweight, due to all my important documentation, (clearly if you believe that you don't know me *cough* shoes *cough* clothes). 

I had absolutely nothing to worry about as the lady in front of me slammed her gigantic case on the scales which read - 49kg!!!!!!!!! 23kg per case is the limit and this lady appeared to have no idea or recognition of there ever being a weight requirement for luggage. Very entertaining to say the least. 

Continuing through the endless security checks, everyone was very helpful and exceptionally kind and friendly, wishing me a safe onward journey to Aukland.


What the hell ?? After much panicking and rushing through the airport I spoke to an assistant who then explained that my ticket was correct and my flight was to New Zealand VIA Los Angeles - Phew . . .

The flight itself was fantastic, A brilliant airline with loads of space and I would most definitely recommend and fly with them again.

Anyways, to skip the boring and long interigation I received from the immigration officers, I finally made it off the plane, through the airport and to my American Boy who greeted me with a bunch of flowers and an expensive airport parking ticket. 

I already miss my family, although I know the best is yet to come when they come visit and we head to Vegas.

As for now I made it. I am here.

My LA life begins and I would love for you to continue the adventure with me :) . . .