Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bon Voyage

Today was my final get together with my close family in Wales before I leave for LA on Wednesday.

We braved the remains of the so called hurricane 'Big Bertha' (60 mph winds and torrential sheets of rain) and took the water bus over to Cardiff Bay - apparently the wind swept look is still appealing these days.

Putting my eBay earnings to good use (although I really should thank the random strangers who brought the crap that I was shocked to even sell), I booked lunch reservations at a Spanish tapas restaurant called 'La Cha Cha'. - No relevance to LA or Wales, I just love their sangria.

It was a fabulous afternoon and being surrounded by Welsh accents made me realise how much I'm going to miss people explaining situations to me with starting with the sentence - 
I'll tell you what it is, What it is is that'

Not to mention the generous and random cwtches (Welsh word for cuddles) I receive from my hyperactive unbelievably strong 23 year old cousin. I don't think they will be quite the same State side.   

A highlight of my afternoon was when the waiter refused my brother alcohol due to the fact he thought he looked about 14. I beg to differ on this occasion, however the waiter was slightly elderly and did appear to have a wonky eye so perhaps it was a feasible mistake. 

3 days to go and I couldn't have asked for a better family send off :)