Monday, 3 November 2014

La La Land

So lets not dwell on the fact that I completely neglected my blog over the past 2 and half months .. but celebrate the fact that i'm back - on a more regular basis too, and yes I can almost feel your excitement ... 

My new home in LA is treating me rather kindly .. so kindly in fact that just days ago a lovely lady held my hand and escorted me safely across the road. Of course she did think I was a 9 year old little girl but that's besides the point. 

I am slowly starting to become accustomed to the LA lifestyle and as much as you might be thinking that includes attending consultations for breast enhancements and botox I have decided to steer clear of that and embrace the fact that being British in America is (as the Americans would say)  'Awesome'.  Sometimes I feel like I could say the most rude and insulting thing to a person and they would still gaze and smile at me proceeding to tell me that they love my accent. i'm not sure that will ever get old.

Although I have met some fabulous people so far I have been warned on several occasions that true friends are hard to come across in LA. Purely for that reason that most people living in LA are not from LA and are here for their careers. 

With that said, I count myself extremely lucky to be able to share the news of my new best friend. 

The best friend a girl can have. Yep. I never liked FaceTime but now it brightens up my day knowing that although I maybe on the other side of the world I can invite any of my friends and family into my living room regardless of where they are. 

And speaking of which I only have to wait 3 weeks until my brother, Edd graces LA with his presence. Although he did inform me today that he's slightly concerned since receiving his flight confirmation code, which is a sequence of numbers followed by the letters 
' R I P ' ...

Yea, so not that we are superstitious but not the best of confirmation codes really is it? 

He will be here for thanksgiving which I suppose we will be celebrating? I mean who doesn't want another Christmas minus the expense of buying presents :)

Talking of which I recently visited the Topshop at the Grove in LA and I couldn't help but buy myself some presents, (I limited myself to a  jumper and two tops) due to the fact that because the clothing items are shipped from London they charge even more in dollars when they sell them. 

Last week was a week of firsts including attending my first yoga class, visiting an american dentist and tasting my first swedish fish (An american type of sweet/candy - which by the way isn't the reason why I went to the dentist, although I won't be eating them again).

And although I still and will continue to have many unanswered questions about this place, such as why can I not buy spray on deodorants and why is there peanut butter in every type of chocolate bar? I am continuing to embrace the beautiful valley views, the gorgeous sunshine and the piercing sound of angry drivers with their hands furiously against their horns swearing and gesturing displaying their road rage for to see ... Welcome to LA :)

I'll be back soon.


P.S - Did I mention the breath taking sunsets? :)