Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Quest For A Traditional Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to my blog readers where ever in the world you may be this Christmas xxx

The photo above is my attempt at a 'FaceTime grotto'. It's for when I call my family, so I feel like I'm part of the festivities. Classy right? 
 Ok, Basically its one hot mess of decorations attached to my computer chair - but I like it.

So it's Christmas Eve and I find myself drawn to here after a slight struggle to carry out my typical Christmas traditions in the US.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for embracing the American way of Christmas - granted, I haven't started saying 'Happy Holidays' with an American twang just yet but I am loving the festive general public who are donning sunglasses with a santa hat and the over the top displays of christmas lights hung on palm trees.

The sun is shinning as bright as ever and although I didn't think I would feel quite so christmassy being in the blazing sun and miles away from my family I was actually pleasantly surprised. 

The week leading up to Christmas began the search for the Yorkshire pudding!

There are several British shops close by that I was banking on for my Christmas Dinner must haves. Sadly, either the Americans found out about this amazing invention or there are a lot of British people living out here who I am yet to meet but you guessed it - 

The silver lining to this was I managed to get the last of the 'Yorkshire pudding boxed mix' so all is not lost.

Whilst shopping I heard a Local lady ask 'What are these?', pointing to a box of christmas crackers. Before I could even offer my true British explanation the shop assistant jumped in -

" They are Christmas crackers" she said. "It's British tradition to pull one with a friend/family member before dinner. They wear the funny paper crowns inside and if you are lucky you might get an eye patch"

She pretty much summed a christmas cracker and with that said I purchased some naff looking ones for $1 each.

Moving on, I have downloaded the  'Now That's What I call Christmas' album which of course consists of all the same overplayed Christmas tunes - and then I realised.  That is probably the biggest money maker right there. Maybe I should be focusing all my time and energy into writing a killer Christmas song?

 That thought left my mind as quickly as it entered so no need to panic lol.

And with the god awful image of me releasing my debut Christmas single I will leave it there and pour myself a glass of wine. It is Christmas after all.

Have a good one.