Wednesday, 13 May 2015

London Calling

Today I am blogging from our apartment in sunny London - 20 degrees to be precise. Shocker.

I apologise that it has been a while but the reason I have been so busy is because I can now confirm that my brother Edd and I are currently working on the Universal Pictures movie 
'The Huntsman'. 

This is the sequel to the 2012 movie 'Snow white and the Huntsman. 

We worked on the first film four years ago and are so excited about this upcoming sequel.

Yes that is me in the original film, as a man lol. We are shooting until the end of July which means I will once again have a British Summer to look forward to and judging by the weather now I can't complain :)

The last time I was in London for work was back in 2013 for Disney's 'Into the Woods' - which I am still yet to see.  

On the topic of films, last night I watched 'Unfriended' a Universal Pictures movie produced by MTV.   

The film is based around a teenage girl committing suicide, driven by bullying on social media. A concept very relevant in todays modern age.
The storyline had such great potential however once I realised the whole film was just one continuous still shot of a Skype conversation on a laptop screen, the narrative lost all possibilities taking a very obvious direction - not to mention it was all totally unbelievable lol. But hey I'm no film critic.

It's so great being based back in London.

Yesterday, on a rare day off,  Edd and I decided to challenge ourselves to visit every London landmark in one day and -
we got it all on camera lol.

It was exhausting but enlightening at the same time.

All together in 12 hours we visited -

London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abby, Buckingham palace, Hyde Park, Leicester square, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St Pauls Cathedral, London Bridge, The Shard

And my favourite place was most defiantly the London Sky Gardens.

Close to Bank tube station this gorgeous glass building is breathtakingly beautiful inside.
Tickets are free online and after 6pm there is no need to book you can just walk in. 
Maybe next time we will just go there and reserve a table - not rock up with backpacks and sweaty hair styles.

I will be sure to post our London in a day vlog in the upcoming weeks for your enjoyment- not to mention the comedy of the confused general public witnessing two child like adults vlogging around London lol.

Anyways, another early call time tomorrow. I'm not heading back to LA until August so expect a lot more of all things British :)

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Back in Blightly

I know what you are thinking - That lasted all of 5 minutes, well just over 5 months actually.
But yes I am back on Great British soil - with good reason. :)

I have spent the past 5 months settling into my new American lifestyle which I love, but due to work -  before I could blink, I was on a plane back to the UK and reunited with my brother Edd.

I will be relocating to London at the end of the month but in the mean time it really is great to be back in Cardiff.

Although this photo I took from the bay depicts a rather beautiful blue sky, I can reassure you that the wind that day was icy cold and I seriously felt like there was a possibility of me freezing to death.

As a result of this I invested in a gorgeous new coat from Miss Selfridge (On sale from £94 to £28) - which actually makes me less angry about the whole situation :)

Although it is safe to say that my summer wardrobe will be staying in LA for now though, until I return in August.

Its great to say hello to British TV shows again and Goodbye to the likes of Dr Phil.

I am loving watching the new season of Mr Selfridge and I'm really looking forward to tuning into Comic Relief this Friday 13th also known as Red nose day.

In the past Comic Relief has raised extreme amounts of money for various charities - including the restricted growth association.

At Oh So Small actors agency we are delighted to donate and we are all eager to see how much can be raised this year and the difference it can make to all the brilliant organisations who benefit.

Mothers Day is also this weekend (Sunday 15th - don't forget). 

I don't understand why Mothers day is a completely different date in America? 

Bizarre but not bothering, as I will of course be celebrating with my mum this weekend.

Lots more updates to come and I am also thinking of starting a fashion haul now that I can shop in all my favorite high street stores.

Perhaps I will ponder over that a little longer but in the mean time I will continue catching up with my family and living out of a suitcase until further notice ...

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